Choosing the Color of Your Dental Implant Crown (Pt 2)

While your dentist will probably ask you to select a single shade for the dental implant crown, you should keep in mind that the actual implant will likely combine several different shades, in recognition of the fact that natural teeth are not a single color. Color variation will help to avoid a fake or artificial appearance. A textured surface will also help the implant look more natural by breaking up the reflection of light on the porcelain.

How do you select the exact shade desired? Unfortunately, in the dental field there is no one standard for measuring tooth color. Instead, there are several scales that may be used by your dentist. The most common of these is the Vita shade guide, which classifies tooth color into four ranges: A (red-brown), B (red-yellow), C (gray), and D (red-gray). Within each of these categories, there are several shades of darkness or brightness.

Most dentists will show you a chart, either the Vita shade guide or using another scale, for you to choose a dental implant color. These color swatches may be held next to your natural teeth to help you choose a suitable color for the implant. However, keep in mind that the above guidelines are just a starting point. A good cosmetic dentist will use his or her expertise to guide your color choices, rather than leaving the decision entirely up to you.


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